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Manure drying machine

Agricultural Manure Drying Machine for Cows

Manure drying machines are utilized in agricultural settings to remove moisture from wet manure. The drying process breaks down manure, kills bacteria and creates pathogen-free bedding. The drying process also cuts down on storing and disposing of bulk manure and the costs associated with both activities.

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Hemp drying equipment

Baker-Rullman announces rental program for portable, rotary, triple pass, high capacity, industrial hemp drying equipment

Baker-Rullman’s portable, bulk drying equipment program is a significant advancement for hemp growers throughout the United States and Canada. Bulk hemp drying equipment is typically stationery which makes it impractical for many small or medium growers and cooperatives. The capital investment is large, and the plant may not necessarily be accessible to all co-op members. Portable bulk hemp dryers are an ideal solution since they can be moved from one location to another at harvest time. In addition, rental agreements can eliminate most capital investment.

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Chivas distillery

Baker-Rullman supplies natural gas burners for Chivas Distillery

Baker-Rullman Mfg., Inc., located in Watertown, Wisconsin, USA (, a manufacturer of corrugated steel storage bins, hoppers, steel structure and triple-pass rotary drum dryers has announced that they have supplied two new, low-emission, natural gas burners to Chivas Brothers in Glasgow, Scotland, where the Strathclyde distillery produces the grain whiskey for all of the Scotch Whiskies in the Chivas Brothers portfolio. This distillery currently operates two of Baker-Rullman’s all stainless steel 90-30 rotary drum dryer systems.

Chivas has been a customer or Baker-Rullman since 1976 and uses the Baker-Rullman rotary technology to re-purpose spent grains from the distilling process into a co-product called distillers dark grains. The end result is then sold for use as an animal feed.

We have a lot of industry experience when it comes to the manufacture of spirits and our Triple-Pass technology was a perfect fit. Because of Chivas Brothers being a such a well organized operation and our experience working in Great Britain, the project went very smoothly.

Based in Scotland, Chivas Brothers, owned by Pernod Ricard since 2000, was first established in 1801 in Aberdeen, Scotland and are makers of Chivas Regal and Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey.

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