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Varn Wood Products industrial dryer

Dehydration System for Varn Wood Products

Baker-Rullman Mfg., Inc., located in Watertown, Wisconsin (, a manufacturer of corrugated steel storage bins, hoppers, steel structure and triple-pass rotary drum dryers has announced that they have been chosen to supply a complete drying system to Varn Wood Products of Hoboken, GA for the purposes of drying wood sawdust and producing wood pellets. The system includes Baker-Rullman’s 130-60 Triple-Pass Rotary Drum Dryer.

We have a lot of wood industry experience particularly in sawdust and shavings, and our triple Pass dryer technology is a perfect fit. Because of the customer’s pre-planning and well executed due diligence, we expect the project to go very smoothly.

For more information contact Baker-Rullman Mfg., Inc., 920.261.8107, or visit the website at

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Product Update

Baker-Rullman Mfg., Inc., located in Watertown, Wisconsin (, has discontinued the 62C442 and 62C443 flanged and flat rollers. They have been replaced with a new design and part numbers 62D016 and 62D017 flanged and flat roller assemblies.

The replacement rollers are similar to the obsolete rollers, as they have the same diameter and width. The replacement rollers have a larger shaft diameter, with internal bearings and components making these rollers more durable, and have a much greater load capacity. The new replacement rollers have a pillow block hold down allowing the roller to rotate around the stationary shaft. Maintenance is the same, and requires grease to the zerks at the end of the roller shafts every 8-12 hours of run time.

There will be some required re-work to the existing roller bases in order to retrofit the new rollers. The customer will be required to add some stiffeners, and new holes for the new pillow block hold downs. We will provide the necessary drawings with dimensions and locations for required retrofit. Any material and labor for re-work is the responsibility of the customer.

Baker-Rullman Mag. can also provide the complete base assembly with the new rollers installed. It will have the same anchor bolt locations, and would be a quick replacement of the old base.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bruce Miller, Jason Erickson, or Scott Strege.

Fromm Pet Foods bins, hoppers & steel structures

Bins, hoppers & steel structure for new Fromm Pet Food Facility

Baker-Rullman Mfg. has announced that they have supplied all bins, hoppers and steel structure for the new Fromm Pet Food facility in Columbus, Wisconsin. The facility was erected by Central Mechanical Systems, Inc. of Marshfield, Wisconsin.

“The project was right in our wheel house in size and scope, and given our extensive experience in the pet food industry, we were able to deliver exactly what the customer wanted. The project has been on time and budget, thanks to a great erection crew.”

Fromm Family Foods is a manufacturer of premium dog and cat food. In 1949, Fromm introduced the concept of premium pet food to the public. As the country's first and oldest premium pet food company, they have earned the reputation as an industry leader, producing only the highest grade pet foods with the finest natural ingredients.

Based in Wisconsin, Fromm Family Foods is now in its fourth generation of being family owned and operated.

For more information contact Baker-Rullman Mfg., Inc., 920.261.8107, or visit the website at


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