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Monsanto corrugated bin paneling

Construction complete on 55' corrugated bin panel

Baker-Rullman Mfg. has announced that they have completed testing and construction of their new 55' corrugated bin panel available in eight and ten foot widths. The genesis of the project was customer driven in an effort to reduce field labor and crane time. Baker-Rullman put its field experience and manufacturing staff on the project and was able to achieve the customer's goals and several other benefits as well.

In addition to the cost savings, several other benefits have been realized with the larger panel. Fewer bolts are needed as horizontal panel seams are virtually eliminated, and because the panel is in a single piece, there are tighter tolerances and more precise construction. Baker-Rullman has also perfected the use of self-threading bolts, which eliminate the need for cage nuts thus saving more time and money. Another unique feature of the new 55' panel is the ability to install let-down ladders prior to setting the panel. This saves time and eliminates the need to weld from a man basket inside a completed bin.

The big advantage of using the Baker-Rullman 55' panel is obvious, fewer panels means fewer crane picks and less field labor. That goes right to the bottom line and helps our customers to complete their projects on time.

One of the first field employments of the new Baker-Rullman 55' Panel is the Monsanto soybean facility in Centralia, Illinois, where 76 panels were set.

SD45-15 mobile rotary drum dryer

Testing of new SD45-12 mobile dryer complete

Baker-Rullman Mfg. has announced that they have completed construction and testing of a mobile drying unit. The Model SD45-12 employs Baker-Rullman's proven triple pass technology and will be available for lease to customers interested in drying materials to analyze drying capabilities, equipment suitability, as well as emissions data.

The completely mobile, rotary dryer system is mounted on a standard 53' trailer to accommodate easy transportation and simple set-up without the need for cranes, fork trucks, millwrights or special permits. This unit will accept as much as 1 ton per hour in-feed, and if needed for stickier products, a complete recycle loop may be added. The system is designed to accept propane, natural gas and solid fuel with complete control systems for all options. This is a complete plug and play system designed to accommodate almost any application such as; sawdust, paper or municipal sludge, wood chips, egg shells, alfalfa, distillers grains, bakery waste, livestock renderings and citrus or vegetable byproducts.

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