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Manure drying machine

Agricultural Manure Drying Machine for Cows

Manure drying machines are utilized in agricultural settings to remove moisture from wet manure. The drying process breaks down manure, kills bacteria and creates pathogen-free bedding. The drying process also cuts down on storing and disposing of bulk manure and the costs associated with both activities.

Dried Manure Solids (DMS) can be used as bedding for the dairy industry. A lactating dairy cow can produce approximately 150 lbs. of manure on a daily basis. If the dairy farm has 1,500 cows, that’s 225,000 lbs. of wet manure a day. Drying the manure that the farm produces into Dried Manure Solids can solve the bedding and excess manure issues.

In the past, straw, sawdust, sand and woodchips were used as bedding options. In today’s market – using these materials for dairy farm bedding is becoming increasingly hard to find and very costly.

A Rotary Manure Dryer Supplier

Baker-Rullman manufactures manure dryer machines using their industry-leading triple pass design rotary dryer technology. This technology heat treats the waste without under drying or over drying the waste to the point that it becomes dusty - making it an ideal option for dairy cow bedding. This helps to save the farm time and money that is needed to transport, store or dispose of the waste generated by the animals.

The herd’s waste is heated to a temperature that helps to lower Somatic Cell Counts in dairy herds, thus increasing the health and happiness of the cows.

Since 1980, Baker-Rullman has developed and refined their rotary drying systems. Their machines demonstrate the most reliable and proven technology available on the market today. Farms all around the world look to Baker-Rullman for their waste management solutions.


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