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2013 Purina Nutrition

Feed & Seed Mill System
Nashville, IL

2018 - Mountain West Ag

Feed & Seed Mill System
Garneill, MT

2018 - Phoenix Mfg.

Aggregate bins
Monahans, TX

2018 - Ozark Organics

Feed & Seed Mill System
Buffalo, MO

Year Product Owner Buyer Erector Location
2017 Stainless Steel tank Baso Gas Products Baso Gas Products Baso Gas Products Watertown, WI
2016 Equipment Platform Coreslab Structures Mixer Systems Mixer Systems Ocklahoma City, OK
2016 Concrete plant storage silo St. Mary's Cement Pierson Construction Pierson Construction Charlevoux, MI
2015 Heated water tank Cargill Cargill Local Dayton, VA
2014 Steel Towers Mixer Systems N/A Local N/A
2013 Equipment Platforms Monsanto Monsanto Local Middleton, WI
2012 Steel Platforms DuPont Prairie Eng Prairie Eng Tipton, IN
2011 Automotive Ovens Heatek Automotive Local Detroit, MI
2010 Tank Bridges Proctor & Gamble Apache Stainless Local Louisiana
2009 ATM Vestibule N/A TRS N/A Watertown, WI
2008 Hydro electric dam gate Hydrocomponents Hydrocomponents N/A Watertown, WI
2008 Condensor tank skirt N/A Apache Stainless N/A Beaver Dam, WI
2007 Paint mix tank Rooftek Rooftek N/A Johnson Creek, WI

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