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High Efficiency Hemp Drying Equipment

High Efficiency Hemp Drying Equipment with Low Capital Investment

The boom in hemp-based product sales that has resulted from legalization of CBD in North America has drawn many new growers into the market. As a result, new hemp processing OEMS have jumped into the market with a variety of industrial hemp drying systems. Different designs can have a major effect on finished product properties and quality as well as operating costs. In addition, each system may require significant additional investment in ducting, installation and start up and buildings in order to have a fully operational hemp drying and processing facility.

When selecting industrial hemp drying equipment, it’s important to consider a number of factors.
Processing Characteristics
Operating characteristics

Hemp is in fact delicate and quite perishable. In order to extract the highest yield, it is critical to process it in a tightly controlled manner so as to prevent loss of the cannabidiol and other core ingredients to be extracted.

There are different approaches to hemp dryer design: single pass, two-phase and triple pass. Baker-Rullman has chosen triple pass as its core dryer technology because it offers so many benefits over single and double-pass designs.

System Operation

Wet chopped hemp is fed by conveyor to an elevated airlock that is used to maintain an air seal for optimal energy efficiency. Chopped hemp drops through the airlock into fast moving hot air stream that is heated by a high efficiency, low emission, in-line burner capable of increasing ambient air temperature to the optimum processing level.

The dryer drum rotates, showering product via lifting flights into the hot air stream where the most efficient drying is achieved, as opposed to lying against steel walls or piled up in a bed. The product moves quickly down inner cylinder of triple-pass dryer with smaller, dryer particles passing through more quickly and larger, wetter particles having longer travel times.

Hemp product makes two turns as it reverses direction from first pass outlet back toward inlet between the inner and intermediate cylinders and then again from inlet end back to outlet between the intermediate and outer cylinder.

Throughout the three passes, the product gives up its moisture into the hot air stream causing the hot air stream to cool. Properly – and easily – set temperature control on the dryer outlet prevents the product from getting too dry or too hot and outlet product temperatures are normally in the 100-110°F range. From the dryer, product is pneumatically conveyed to a separation cyclone with dry product exiting through another airlock and moist gases being vented to the atmosphere free of particulate and dust.

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Triple-Pass hemp Drying System Benefits


  • Preserves high end product quality - does not destroy or reduce CBD content or efficacy
  • Wide range of production rates available, 200 – 20,000 wet lbs. per hour
  • Wide range of feed material size
    • Less than 2” chop works best
  • Wide range of moisture contents
    • From 25% to over 75%
    • Dried down to 10% or less
  • Capable of drying stems, stalks, leaves, flowers, and buds – i.e. any part of the plant

Equipment Quality

  • Can operate outdoors, uncovered
  • Hi-efficiency, low-emission burner
  • Low chance of sticking or plugging material
  • Minimal operator supervision
  • Designed to run 24/7/52
  • Proven design and technology
  • Low dust emissions / high collection efficiency
  • Entirely American made and serviced
Baker-Rullman designs and manufactures high efficiency hemp drying equipment for quality hemp producers all around the world.
Triple pass hemp dryers from Baker-Rullman can greatly reduce initial investment because they can operate out of doors and completely uncovered, which eliminates the need for very significant construction to protect the equipment – a necessary addition to typical single and double pass industrial hemp drying systems.

Key components of the system are designed as ultra-heavy-duty parts, designed to withstand harsh production conditions. And the super-efficient, low emissions burner system removes significant operating costs. For producers who have very high ROI expectations, Baker-Rullman high efficiency hemp drying equipment provides low labor costs, low operating costs, low maintenance requirements, and excellent finished product quality.

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