Baker-Rullman manufactures custom and standard dehydration systems utilizing triple-pass rotary drum dryers for industrial, agricultural, and municipal applications Baker-Rullman pioneered the modern bolt-together modular bin system used in feed mills today and continues the innovation with frequent improvements
in a wide variety of sizes to handle all of your drying needs. based on customer and millwright feedback.
Hundreds of Baker-Rullman dehydration systems and rotary drum dryers are in service in more than fifty countries and in almost every U.S. state. With our in-house team of highly experienced engineers, draftsman and welders, Baker-Rullman manufactures all major and minor structural steel components required for projects of any size.
Baker-Rullman alone continues the quality heritage of the Heil design delivering the most proven dehydration system technology.
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The engineers at Baker-Rullman have developed and refined rotary drying through the years, demonstrating that the triple-pass design is the most reliable and proven Elements of the total feed mill system such as the support tower for a grain elevator are often pre-fabricated by Baker-Rullman; they arrive at the
technology available. plant site in sizeable, pre-assembled sections for faster erection.
Baker-Rullman manufactures triple-pass rotary drum dryers with proven success in drying:
The bolt-on method developed by Baker-Rullman provides a recommended installation sequence that assures a safe, durable, secure structure that's erected in less time.
Wood chips Paper
Bread crumbs Pulp
Eggshells Sawdust
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